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Pelvic Potential

This short course dives to the pelvic bowl, its offering and openings.

Unlocking the relationship to our pelvic bowl, its contents and possibilities. We will gain a deeper understanding of this fluctuant space, connecting to our menstrual and life cycle as womb keepers, through guided movement explorations, written materials and community sharing.


This course includes 3 somatic journeys. Gazing from both anatomical and experiential lenses, exploring our pelvis's boney landscape, soft tissues and organ systems. 

There will also be a bonus exploration of the vulvic centred arousal system. 

The Proposal

The Inlet

Researching the stable, fibrous and alive structures of the bowl  and bones themselves.

The Ground

The pelvic floor. The soft, muscular and connective tissues serving as ground for the rest of the body.

Fertile Soil

Reproductive organs, the movement they provide and the movement we can encourage.

The Garden

Bonus Exploration

The anatomy of arousal. 
Researching areas of pleasure, pain and numbness. 


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The Practicalities

We will open and close this process together over the period of a week, between community calls you have the opportunity to complete the recorded offerings in a time which suits you best. 


You will receive a log-in to the Cyclic Being website, where you will find pre-recorded somatic journeys of each part of the pelvis as well as PDF materials.

You are invited to our community facebook page where we offer opportunity for sharing and communication on related topics via weekly lives and community discussion.

Your access to both the community page and your Cyclic Being account will continue after the allotted 'course time'. You are welcome to revisit and continue your exploration in the future.





I suggest donation of £50

If you wish to support a sister you are welcome to contribute more.

If you need to pay less, be comfortable and contact me.



This course is now self-study!

You are welcome to access the material again and again when suits you best. 

You will be invited to our monthly Cyclic Being Community Circle for free.