Four Week Online Immersion

Menstrual knowledge leading to body fluency 

This self study immersion will encourage you to dive deeply. Engaging consciously with body knowledge and experiencing.


Made up of eight recorded classes, supporting information packs, creative tasks and a 1/1 call it offers a solid base of information about the menstrual body.


It will allow you to discover what is intrinsic to your system and self, while offering tools to utilize this knowledge in your daily life. 

What does it look like?

week one

Inner Spring




The Dance of the Hormonal Body

week two

Inner Summer


Fertility as Creativity


Anatomy of the Reproductive System and Pelvic Bowl

week three

Inner Autumn


Anatomy of the Arousal



Meeting the Inner Critic

week four

Inner Winter


 Collective Connection 

Body Poetics


The Practicalities

The course includes: 

-Eight pre-recorded classes

-Four packs of information

-Four integration exercises

- A 1/1 call to bring the abundance of information to your unique experience

-Access to our community facebook page

-An invitation to our monthly community circle from now onward

Concession, artist & international price on request

The revisit 24th / 31st Oct & 7th / 14th Nov

what people had to say


I wholeheartedly recommend this course to ANY and EVERY woman and girl. The knowledge and awareness gained in this course has given me an understanding of myself that anchors the day to day ebbs and flows, highs and lows. I finish the course knowing my involvement with this practice and community has only just begun. Invaluable.


I don't hesitate to say this course has changed my life. It has given me a fresh outlook on my cycling body. I can't wait to put all this knowledge to use in the months to come, and revisit some of the course material when I need it.


I feel a deeper sense of inner knowing - a sensation I have been growing over the years. Understanding my cycle and the body and experience shared by our ancestors bridges gaps. I feel like there has been a channel of my existence opened with this information, and I am elated to continue down this path.