For Dancers Who Bleed

A series of opportunities to come together with other movement practitioners to dive, discuss and dance what it means to be a mover in a menstrual body.

While training, and somatic practice has offered us the chance to tune into particular perceptions of movement potential; it often glosses over the undercurrent of hormonal rhythms which influence and form our energetic, physical and artistic aptitude at different phases of our cycle. 

My wish and offering with this four part series is to integrate our depth of knowing in bodily sphere with the intrinsic importance of menstrual awareness. Researching how it impacts us specifically as dancers and/or movement practitioners. 

The Proposal

week 1

The Cycle Itself, Hormonal Fluctuations

week 2

Experiencing Anatomy, Pelvis and Reproductive Organs

week 3

Consistent Training in an Inconsistent Body

week 4

Integration for Research, Performance and Pedagogy


The Practicalities

Each week we will meet via zoom. 


With an element of facilitation I will take on the role of topic and space keeper, but with deep respect for group and bodily intelligence I aim for spherarchy rather than hirearchy. Inviting us all to rise, respond and radiate our knowing.

You will also access to one pre-recorded class each week and PDF materials via your Cyclic Being log-in.

You are invited to our community facebook page where we offer opportunity for sharing and communication on related topics via weekly lives and community discussion.





The aim is create a consistent group for a clear and safe container of research.

I suggest donation of £60

If you wish to support a sister you are welcome to contribute more.

If you need to pay less, be comfortable and contact me.



June 13th - July 4th

Live meeting every Sunday 10am GMT