Pelvic Potential

part recorded / part live

Somatic experiencing of the pelvis, we will unlock and dive to the potential offered by this fluctuant space.

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Cyclic Being Online Immersion

self study online course

Moving together through a moon cycle this course offers the opportunity to dive into the hormonal system, our rich anatomy, the seasons of our cycle,  and how to engage on a practical level with this abundance of information. 

For Dancers who Bleed

four week online course

Having tuned to movement potential through dance research we now have the opportunity to meet more deeply how our cyclical nature finds itself interwoven with our physical and artistic practice. 


Community Circle

coming together once a month

Close to the full moon we will gather as a community for a virtual circle. The purpose is to strength community connection, open a safe space held by and for menstrual beings and be heard. Each month I will facilitate the space by introducing a topic relevant to cycling space, some bodily information and a meditation, we will then talk, share and be in togetherness.