About Me

A researcher of the somatic body, I have been a mover for as long as I can remember. Most recently travelling and sharing my approach of contact improvisation; I have a BA in Dance Studies and work as a visiting lecturer at the University of Roehampton in London. Projects in the recent years encompass process-based research on land and in water. Performance is a deep love and clear method for me to communicate and experience my research. I am a choreographer, performer in other peoples creations and a collaborator. 

Womb centred work entered my world after my training in the dance sphere. Feeling into such dramatic changes in my system through menstrual cycle awareness encouraged my dive to this space and from the get-go was sure I was a vessel for sharing this work. My approach, like my dance practice is research-based and aided by a non-traditional relationship to schooling or education. I am fed by my humanness, my interest in alternative living, rewilding and gifting importance to bodily intelligence. 

The Different Facets


Sharing menstrual information and embodiment through classes and courses. Orientated toward womb holders as well as those specifically integrating movement and somatic practice into their world.

Current Courses:

The Online Immersion

For Dancers Who Bleed


Creation and strengthening of community is at the forefront of this creation. Encouraging conversation and the normalisation of the menstrual body has the potential to shift in the individual level as well as within the collective. 

Current Community Work:

The Cyclic Being Community; for current and alumni participants

The We-Womb; a network for womb-centred research


Using a somatic format to research to enter creative presentation of cycling research. In group, solo and performative settings, mainly utilising methods of contemporary and contact dance to depict, birth and present this material. 

Current Creations:

Portraits of the Colour Red; a performative series